Monday, January 5, 2009

Rainy Days and Mondays...

Today was going to be the day when everything about me started getting better, getting stronger--my attitude; my physical, mental and spiritual disciplines; my...everything. But, rainy Mondays don't offer any nurture to such noble (but newborn) plans. It's one of those stuck, limbo days, when no five-day-old goals are achieved, no new ones are made.

So, I think I'll start a blog. It seems the thing to do. Everyone else is. I might as well. At least when honey asks, 'What did you do today?", I can answer, "I started a blog." It sounds impressive.

But what to name this thing? This thing that perhaps me, myself and I will read. It needs to be something easy to remember, so that when the urge to "post" hits me in March or July or October, perhaps I can remember where the heck I put that darn thing.

After all, I'm the one who hid Baby Jesus from myself this year. The manger stayed empty...until January 3 when I found Him as I was packing up Christmas.

He was in the tin where I keep the Christmas cookie cutters. It was like Christmas morning all over again when I opened it and saw him laying the bubble wrap, wearing the knitted scarf my friend gave to Him last year! I was so happy that I texted everyone who knew He had been missing!

To my credit, I hid him to protect him from friends who, for the past few years, decided it would be amazing fun to abduct Baby Jesus from the Christmas boxes (way up in my attic) at some point in mid-November and send Him on far-flung, fantasy adventures. (You know who you are, L & J!!) I've received notes from Baby Jesus from Cairo, Paris, Graceland, Neyland Stadium....You name it, He's been there.

So, in my paranoid efforts to protect Baby Jesus from these disturbingly funny friends, this year I crawled up in my attic in early November...only to end up "losing" Him. I'm sure there are many sermons and teaching lessons in my actions, but writing them would require all the resolutions I haven't kept.

The irony was that I "lost" Baby Jesus only to learn that L&J never intended to manger-nap Him this year. Instead, sometime before Christmas Eve, while we were certainly out spreading Christmas cheer, L&J "repossessed" my entire "stable behind the inn where there was no room."

2008 was just that kind of year. But, as my friend (and reformed Baby Jesus-napper) J reminded me, Baby Jesus can always be found. We just have to know where to look.

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